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Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg (Generic Levitra or vardenafil 20 mg sachet) is used when treating erectile dysfunction and impotence. Levitra Oral Jelly works well even after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, it works faster, on a full stomach, and for men for whom Viagra failed.

Levitra is the original name of the first drug for erectile dysfunction that contained vardenafil HCL. Nowadays, you can get generic medications like Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg that contain exactly the same ingredient at the same concentrations under a different trade name.

Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg is a simple pill that is used up to once daily as a treatment for ED. Its success rate is as good as Viagra’s, but it contains a different active ingredient that has a similar effect on the body.

For 95% of men suffering from impotence, the primary cause is related to psychological issues. In these cases, Levitra Oral Jelly is very effective form of treatment. You can buy cheap Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg without prescription right here!

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Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg vardenafilErectile dysfunction (ED) has been a well-known disorder for decades. It is a condition that describes an inability to maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. In the past, men who suffered from this dysfunction resorted to herbs and natural treatment. However, it is unknown whether these models of treatment were effective.

According to a study carried out by medical experts, five percent of men around the age of forty and about fifteen percent of men around the age of seventy suffer from erectile dysfunction. This goes to show that this disorder is quite prevalent among men and could be posing a huge problem.

But what if there was a way to curb this embarrassing condition? Within the past few years, erectile dysfunction medications have flooded the markets, and now men who suffer from ED can breathe a sigh of relief. The introduction of Viagra as a treatment for impotence opened a gateway for medical research and subsequently an introduction of several other highly effective ED medications. Levitra Oral Jelly is one of them.




Just like several other treatments for erectile dysfunction, Levitra Oral Jelly was specifically created to curb ED in men. It has vardenafil as its active ingredient that helps to increase blood flow to the penile region, thereby resulting in an erection.

As the name implies, Levitra Oral Jelly comes in the form of jelly and is usually sold in sachets. Each sachet of this medication contains 20 mg of vardenafil. It is quite similar to generic Levitra alternatives. However, the difference lies in the fact that Levitra Oral Jelly is absorbed into the body quicker than the generic version as a result of its jelly-like form.




Blood flowTo understand how Levitra Oral Jelly works, it’ll be very helpful to know about an erection.

Two chemicals are involved in the erection and flaccidity process: they are cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) and phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) respectively. For erection, the brain sends a signal that causes the release of cGMP. This chemical causes more blood to flow into the penis to effect an erection suitable for penetration by way of relaxing the smooth muscles in the walls around it. On the other hand, for flaccidity, the second chemical PDE5 is released. It causes the penis to go down by breaking down cGMP that ultimately causes the arteries to constrict and the veins to relax. This takes blood out of the penis, so it returns to its normal size.

In men with ED, PDE5 is usually produced in excess, thus causing a soft erection or difficulty getting it at all. Being a PDE5 inhibitor, this medication works by blocking PDE5 and thereby prolonging the activity of cGMP.

Although vardenafil leads to improved erections, it does not cause sexual stimulation. It is worthy of note that this medication does not work without sexual stimulation. Thus, for the effects of Levitra Oral Jelly to be visible, the man in question ought to be aroused.




Every medication (especially prescription drugs) has several rules guiding its intake, and Levitra Oral Jelly is no different. It should be taken about an hour before sexual intercourse. This will give the medicine sufficient time to work and spread its effects.

The recommended dosage for Levitra Oral Jelly is 20 mg. To avoid adverse reactions, users are advised not to ingest more than 20 mg of this medication per day. Thus, even if a user wants to engage in sexual intercourse several times a day, the ‘single pill per day rule’ must not be broken. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in consequences such as priapism or heart conditions.

Users who suffer from certain health conditions or adverse reactions can take a reduced dosage. For example, they can opt to take 10 mg or 5 mg of Levitra Oral Jelly as opposed to the recommended 20 mg. However, this should be done after proper consultation with a doctor or a health care provider.




HeadachesLevitra Oral Jelly 20 mg has several side effects. However, it is important to note that they are not severe and usually short-lived. Side effects are merely your body’s reaction to a particular medication. However, if they are severe or persist, it is important to discontinue the use of the drug immediately.

Fortunately, though this medicine has some severe side effects, they seldom occur. In fact, in most cases, users may not experience them at all. Some of the common adverse reactions to Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg include:


  • dizziness. Users may feel lightheaded or drowsy after ingesting the medication. This feeling can be dispelled by lying down for a short while until it passes;
  • headaches. In some cases, Levitra Oral Jelly could cause users to suffer from mild headaches. Men who experience this particular side effect are advised to lie down for a short while and place a cold compress on their heads;
  • nausea. It is a very common side effect among users of this medication. They may feel nauseous or experience an urge to vomit. This feeling is completely normal and often fades away after a short while.


In extremely rare cases, men who have ingested Levitra Oral Jelly may experience severe effects such as priapism or heartburn. These cases are not common and as such are causes for alarm. If you experience these severe side effects, it is important to visit a doctor immediately.




When taking erectile dysfunction medications, close attention should be paid to drug interactions. They occur when the pills are taken in combination with certain other meds or foods; subsequently, it leads to adverse reactions or a reduction in the efficacy of the medication in question.

It is important to note that Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg interacts with grapefruit juice and certain drugs, and as such, these drugs should not be taken in combination with this ED treatment.

AntifungalsSome medications which Levitra Oral Jelly interacts with include:


  • nitrates. When taken in combination with nitrates, Levitra Oral Jelly could cause a serious drop in blood pressure and subsequently can lead to dizziness or a potential heart attack;
  • alpha-blockers. Alpha-blockers such as Doxazosin in combination with Levitra Oral Jelly could lead to dizziness or fainting;
  • antifungal medications. Users should avoid using this ED treatment in combination with antifungal medications, such as Ketoconazole or else, since the effect of Levitra Oral Jelly may be reduced.


Patients are also advised against drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit while on this medication.




Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg has had a lot of positive reviews from users.

So far, the majority of men who use this drug have expressed complete satisfaction with its effectiveness, ease of use, and time of action. Though a few men complained about experiencing discomforts like headaches, upset stomach, and dizziness, most of them indicated their plan to continue with the drug as they always subsided after a little while. On the other hand, a few men said they couldn’t cope with the headache and were going to discontinue treatment with it.

Judging by the user reviews, this medication has a high success rate, and as a result, is one of the best choices any man can make for effective ED treatment. In fact, it is highly recommended by medical experts for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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Online pharmacyLevitra Oral Jelly is a prescription drug. However, it can now be purchased over-the-counter in walk-in pharmacies or via online pharmacies. Thus, users no longer have to go through the strenuous routine of visiting a doctor first.

SildenafilViagra is a reputable online pharmacy where you can buy Levitra Oral Jelly without a prescription. We also offer a wide range of ED medications, such as Viagra 50 mgStendra 100 mgKamagra and so on, which can be used as alternatives to Levitra Oral Jelly. We source our products directly from manufacturers of high repute in India, so you can rest assured that you will get potent pills at one of the cheapest prices possible.

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