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With the flood of positive customer testimonials we receive, we understand how much of a difference generic drugs can make to people with ED. But we don’t think you should be overcharged for the medication you need. Our online pharmacy works hard to keep our prices for generic Viagra and other ED drugs as low as possible.

But don’t mistake low prices for inferior quality. We ensure that purity and potency are consistent to that of the branded version.

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Generic Levitra tabletsImpotence has a root cause and a therapy to rectify it. If you think you have this condition, visit a doctor and openly discuss all the problems you are going through.

Treating impotence doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use ED (erectile dysfunction) medications. Some root causes can be solved via other remedies such as changing lifestyle or treating the underlying illness. Some illnesses can contribute to impotence.

As you head on to order generic Levitra 60 mg 100 tablets, here are some important information you should know prior to using this drug. Price is also a factor and you have to get quality Levitra at an extremely cheaper price from our online pharmacy store.




There are several ED drugs available in the market. All these meds serve the same purpose but at varying approaches. Some have a longer duration of effect while others have the shortest onset time. Levitra has the perfect outset time and can last up to 5 hours or even more – giving you enough time for a complete and satisfying sexual intercourse within this time frame.

Brand-name Levitra contains vardenafil as an active substance. Vardenafil has higher efficacy and tolerability loved by millions of men with impotence.

But Levitra is highly expensive. We believe you don’t have to be overcharged for the medications you really need. Quality drugs should be accessed by patients at a cheaper price.

That’s why at SildenafilViagra, we sell quality generic Levitra alternatives. It has the same drug substances and formulation as the original drugs but available at a substantially cheaper price. In fact, it’s more than 95% cheaper compared to the original drug if you order from our drugstore. That’s why we sell Levitra 60 mg 100 pills at a cheaper price. You will love how we price our drugs.

Generic vardenafil is available in various dosage strength. There is Levitra 10 mg20 mg40 mg, and 60 mg, but why?

Male impotence varies from man to man. Efficacy and tolerability is a major factor to consider with ED drugs. Some men can achieve a perfect erection with Levitra 10 mg while others find the 60 mg dosage highly effective and tolerable for a satisfying and complete sexual intercourse.




When a man is sexually aroused, there are some key players that activate to make the penis the erection its needs for a complete sexual act.


There is an active substance – the cGMP – that’s responsible for releasing nitric oxide (NO). NO is responsible for relaxing the penile arterial vessels to let enough and continuous inflow of blood. When there is enough circulation of blood, and when a man is sexually stimulated, erection normally occurs.

But sometimes, there is a natural body enzyme called PDE5 which limits the active nature of the active substance – the cGMP. When cGMP is prevented or prohibited from releasing enough NO, there will be little inflow of blood circulating in the penis making it difficult for a man to gain an erection that’s hard and strong enough for complete sexual intercourse.

That’s where vardenafil come in. Vardenafil destroys or prevents PDE5 enzyme from destroying the active action of cGMP. This makes the cGMP to perform its normal action of releasing enough NO needed for relaxing the penis arteries for enough inflow of blood.

The end process will be a fully erect, hard, firm and strong penis that a man can maintain for a complete and fulfilled sexual intercourse.





Get a prescription from your doctor first before using Levitra. This is very important to get the root cause of your impotence and for the doctor to assess your health for any possible drugs or illness reactions that may lead to adverse effects harming your health.

Generic Levitra 60 mg is a daily tab taken with or without meals. Take one tablet per day when anticipating sex at nearly 30 minutes to an hour prior to sexual intercourse.

Taking Levitra tab with meals can delay the outset of Levitra 60 mg but there is no side effect with it. If you need an immediate shortest time of effect, it preferably recommended that you take it in a dry state.

For most men, Vardenafil outset can be as early as 15 minutes and its duration of effect can span up to five hours or more depending on your body mechanisms and some other factors.





Most side effects of Levitra are normal and fades away after some time. It’s necessary to understand your health before administering these tabs. That’s why a doctor’s consultation is required.

Consult with your medical specialist to help treat the effect.

Runny noseHere are the common side effects:


  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • stomach upset;
  • heartburn;
  • flushing;
  • back pain;
  • runny or stuffy nose;
  • nausea.


If you experience some signs of an allergic reaction to this drug, take immediate treatment action from your doctor.

Some other adverse effects may include:


  • cardiovascular;
  • effects on the eye;
  • hearing loss;
  • priapism;
  • QT prolongation.


If you experience the above effects, inform your doctor. Priapism may permanently damage your penis if you neglect treatment. Furthermore, inform your doctor if you have other health conditions like kidney problem, NAION, liver problem, hemophilia condition, blood cell related problems, hypotension and hypertension, stomach ulcers among others.




Most drugs interact with each other. Some drugs have no adverse reaction while others lead to a severe health problem that needs medical attention.

Let your doctor know all the drugs you take. List all of them. Be it prescription meds, OTC drugs, recreational drugs or herbal remedies. It’s important for the doctor to access these medications if it can cause any interactions.

AntibioticsHere are some of the most known drug interactions you should be aware of:


  • all nitrates medicines;
  • other drugs for impotence;
  • meds for prostate conditions;
  • recreational drugs;
  • poppers;
  • antibiotic and antifungal meds;
  • drugs for blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders;
  • meds for treating HIV/AIDS;
  • all NAION meds.


Alcohol is often checked in most drug interaction. As for the case of Levitra, there is no proven interaction that is serious. Nonetheless, it’s important to limit alcohol usage. Drinking too much alcohol can potentially increase certain side effects if you are under ED medication.

Similarly, foods have no major effect if used with vardenafil. However, you should avoid eating grapefruit as it may lead to side effects. Fatty meals can delay the outset of vardenafil. For most men who need a faster onset of action, taking Levitra without meals is preferred.




You are happy and emotionally motivated when you get the right drug to treat your condition.

With the introduction of branded medications, it’s very difficult for the majority of people to access medication due to its expensive prices. It’s a relief to millions of men with the availability of generic versions of these branded drugs.

Generic vardenafil is loved by the majority of men. It’s a drug with higher efficacy and tolerability associated with fewer side effects. Its price is very cheap and can easily be afforded by the majority of the low-income population.

All these reasons compel our client to leave a positive review of their vardenafil experience. We welcome all reviews. As a way of gratitude for leaving us an honest testimonial, we give you a $30 to be used on your next purchase.





Order pills at the online pharmacyIt’s easier and cheaper to buy 100 pills of Levitra 60 mg from our online pharmacy store (200300500 tablets are available here even cheaper). Furthermore, we give you tailored experiences – such as offers, coupons and discounts which make it possible to cut the cost of these tabs further.

Our shipping is super-fast and free when your order is above $80. Depending on your location, Express shipping usually takes less than 10 days mostly for the USA customers.

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Bitcoin is super-fast, easy and highly secure. We do provide protection for your payments using 256-bit encryption with an SSL certificate.

Unlike using credit cards or PayPal, bitcoin wallet cannot be seized or frozen. All your transactions can never be declined. Save hundreds of dollars by using our site to order generic vardenafil 60 mg tabs at an extremely lower cost.

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