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Sildigra (generic Viagra) is an ED drug that is not marketed under a well-popular brand name like Viagra – it is only the trade name patented by Pfizer.

The active ingredient of cheap Sildigra drug is Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg (same as Viagra).

Sildigra is a generic medication that is identical to the branded original in everything (the same active ingredients, applications and formulation) but trade name.

For most of men suffering from ED the primary cause is related to psychological, not physical issues. In these cases, Sildigra is very effective form of treatment. You can buy cheap Sildigra online even if you don’t have a prescription.

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Most men may occasionally experience inability to achieve an erection due to a number of reasons. Such events are not always considered as cases of erectile dysfunction (ED), which require medical intervention. Permanent or regularly occurring ED needs a professional consultation with a urologist and subsequent health examination and treatment procedures.

Healthy lifestyle tips will no doubt are much helpful in improving erectile functions, but it is a long-term therapy, which takes plenty of time. Sildigra quickly eliminates symptoms of ED and contributes to a better sexual intercourse. This powerful generic innovation quickly restores potency, and it is worth mentioning for such outstanding characteristics.




Sildigra is an oral medicine advised for adult men to cure ED. It is a generic remedy, which comprises sildenafil citrate – the same main component that is present in Viagra. It is a proven drug to manage with male erectile failure, which starts acting in 30 minutes after administration. Regular Viagra users who have also tried Sildigra report that it produces similar therapeutic effects and results in a better sexual performance and stable erection.

Generic medications are acknowledged as powerful and secure drugs to cope with ED, which can be used with no fear to harm one’s health. Sildigra 100 mg is a successful combination of safe effectiveness and cost-friendly price.




The basic active substance in Sildigra is sildenafil, a potent phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. It is well known for capacities to block enzymes responsible for erectile inability. Sildenafil releases nitric oxide, which relaxes the penile muscles and dilates the arteries in the groin area. This substance is produced in a male body naturally during sexual arousal. In their relaxed state, the smooth muscles are able to hold more blood and to prevent its outflow, what contributes to harder erections.





Taking tabletsMen need no prescription to buy Sildigra 100 mg at SildenafilViagra. In any case, a treatment possibility and correct dosage differ in each particular case and depend on each individual. It should be prescribed by your urologist after complete clinical examination.

Newbies are usually advised starting with a lower sildenafil dosage, which may be increased further. Don’t neglect a consultation with a doctor. Self-medication may not work well. Sildigra is a quick solution of erectile problems, which gives immediate results. Sometimes sexual disorders have a deeper background. Its hidden causes should be timely revealed and professionally cured.

Take one pill 30-50 minutes before the expected intercourse on an empty stomach. A tablet is consumed with one glass of water.

Elderly men are normally prescribed a reduced sildenafil dosage, especially if they have such accompanying conditions as:

  • hypotension or hypertension;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • bleeding problems;
  • high cholesterol;
  • renal or hepatic impairment;
  • allergy to sildenafil;
  • diabetes;
  • penis deformation.

It is recommended using Sildigra under medical supervision and have regular checkups of one’s blood pressure and heart rates.

Sildenafil contradicts with a number of medications and should not be administered simultaneously with the below listed drugs:

  • tabs that contain nitrates;
  • antibiotics;
  • alpha-blockers;
  • antifungals;
  • AIDS/HIV agents;
  • other ED and PE pills.

Inform your physician about all currently consumed drugs, vitamins, diet aids, supplements and herbal products. Their complementary ingredients may interact with sildenafil and induce side effects.





Side effects of tabsSildigra is well tolerated by users and rarely causes adverse effects. The medicine may provoke negative reactions because of patient’s allergy to sildenafil or due to overdose. These reactions are shown up by the following symptoms:

  • sore throat;
  • nasal congestion;
  • nausea;
  • headaches;
  • stomach discomfort;
  • dizziness;
  • muscle aches;
  • facial redness;
  • hot flushes;
  • vomiting;
  • insomnia.

These effects are temporary and don’t appear in users with good overall health. They go away entirely, when sildenafil is fully excreted from a body.

More serious adverse effects are very uncommon, but they should be mentioned for user’s general information:

  • fast or irregular heart rates;
  • abnormally high blood pressure;
  • visual disorders (blurred vision, sensitivity to light or vision loss);
  • hearing disturbance;
  • prolonged and painful erection.

Seek an immediate medical help, if any of these effects have occurred. These symptoms should be eliminated, because they may lead to hazardous consequences.




Food, alcohol and drugsSildigra has no dangerous food interactions. Taken after heavy meals, sildenafil needs extra time to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Consumed in a fasted state, it shows quicker therapeutic results. It works more effectively by a low lipid level in the blood.

Grapefruit is strictly incompatible with Sildigra. This fruit leads to accumulation of sildenafil in the tissues and prevents its normal excretion, what results in overdosing side effects.

Avoid excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption during Sildigra therapy. Both sildenafil and ethanol dilate the blood vessels and may cause a significant blood pressure drop. In general, drinking and smoking affect a proper blood circulation and damage inner walls of the blood vessels. Quit these unhealthy habits to achieve better and faster treatment results.





Thousands of satisfied users want to share their experience of Sildigra therapy and send numerous positive reviews to SildenafilViagra. They report that it works similar to branded ED medicines having one more indisputable benefit in comparison vs Viagra – its low cost. As an inexpensive and powerful sildenafil-based analog, it is gaining more popularity among other generic remedies able to cure sexual disorders in men.

Sildigra is not as promoted as labeled ED drugs, so some customers are scared to buy unknown tablets. The purchase of quality generics has become a common practice. It is natural that people choose cheaper pills if those are the same effective as branded ones. There is nothing risky about paying only for a tablet and not covering the cost of its advertising or patent.




Buying in online storeSildenafilViagra is a legit and safe way of getting forceful medicines online. It is a trustworthy internet store, which offers fine medications at lower prices than other web sources. This shop provides quick deliveries, pleasant bonuses and discounts and cares about clients’ confidentiality. It is a reliable supplier of medicines to entrust your sexual concerns with no risk for your health.

Other effective ED and PE remedies are available here OTC, like TadacipKamagraViagra SoftStendraCialis, etc. Any man will find an individual solution of his erectile problem among a vast medicine assortment. To increase male stamina with Sildigra is the easiest and quickest method of improving sexual life with your partner.


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