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Levitra 20 mg medicationVardenafil is an active substance of Levitra. Although brand name Levitra is highly expensive, its generic counterpart is available at a substantially cheaper cost. In fact, it’s more than 95% cheaper compared to the brand-name Levitra.

If you’re looking for the best, highly-rated, trustworthy, and cheaper generic Levitra without prescription, then our online pharmacy store is your destination. Before you checkout, it’s important to know how Levitra works, drug interactions, side effects as well as contraindications.




Levitra is an ED (erectile dysfunction) drug approved by the FDA for use in treating impotence. There is a brand Levitra and generic counterparts. Both of these drugs have the same efficacy and tolerability which is linked with fewer negative effects if adhered to the doctor’s directions or drug prescription.

Levitra is available in various dose strengths. There is 10 mg20 mg40 mg, and even 60 mg. The reason behind this is to address the efficacy and tolerability of a man’s impotence. Every man reacts differently to dose strengths. Some men consider that the Levitra 20 mg pill is highly effective and tolerable to them while other men find higher dose strength gives them the desired performance in bed.

At SildenafilViagra online drugstore, we sell these tablets at different packages. Levitra 20 mg 100 pills are available for sale at a cheaper price compared to many other drugstores that sell the same medication.




Here is the best information on how Levitra function in your body. Like any other impotent drugs, the active substance of Levitra – vardenafil, belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors which is a natural enzyme existing in your body.

Naturally, when a man is sexually stimulated, there is another substance known as cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) that’s responsible for releasing nitric oxide (NO) needed for relaxing the penis arteries. These blood vessels allow adequate inflow of blood to the penis to initiate erections.

Increased levels of cGMP release more NO resulting in more inflow of blood inside the penis. The effect of this process makes a man attain a strong and fully erect penile that can maintain during sexual act.

Sometimes, PDE5 enzyme has a tendency of breaking down the most important substance – cGMP, prohibiting or impacting the normal process of penis erections. When the action of cGMP is limited, there is an insufficient release of NO to the penis resulting in the reduced circulation of blood. And the effect is a weaker penile erection which leads to impotence.

Vardenafil inhibits the PDE5 enzyme and limit or fully prevents its destructive effect of breaking down cGMP. This is the breakthrough that gives a man a perfect penile erection he basically needs to intimately satisfy his partner.

How Levitra WORKS



Man takes LevitraLevitra 20 mg tablet is taken daily with or without food. The highest recommended dosage is 20 mg for most men.

It can be adjusted to match your efficacy and tolerability.

Take one pill a day 30 minutes to an hour prior to the sexual act. Taking with meals especially those high-fatty ones may delay the starting effect. If you need faster results, take it in a dry state.

Levitra can quickly become effective as early as 15 to 20 minutes making it the most preferred impotence med for men who are in a hurry for sexual intercourse.

The duration of action of generic Levitra 20 mg lasts for nearly 5 hours or even more.

Peak performance can be felt at early hours which fades away as time progressed.


Recommended Dose FOR VARDENAFIL



Vardenafil is accompanied by fewer common effects that are manageable. Visiting a doctor to assess your health for any possible conditions that may interfere with the normal working of vardenafil is very important.

Effects include:


  • nasal congestion;
  • indigestion;
  • headache;
  • sudden reduction or loss in hearing;
  • dizziness;
  • flushing;
  • instant (but temporary) loss of memory.


IndigestionIt’s very important to monitor these effects. If left untreated, it may lead to severe health conditions as listed below. In case you experience these adverse effects, immediately consult with your doctor:


  • partial/blurred/decreased the loss of sight or blindness;
  • priapism (prolonged and unstoppable penile erections) – take immediate action when you experience this condition. It can permanently affect (or destroy) your penis;
  • QT prolongation including other effects of a heart problem;
  • symptoms of an allergic reaction such as skin rash, shortness or difficulty of breath, itching and related signs.


This list is not complete. As effects vary from person to person.

There are some other things you should know before taking vardenafil. You don’t want to experience some health complications when using generic Levitra. Some illnesses may affect how vardenafil works or vice versa.

Here are some health conditions you should let your doctor know before using Levitra:


  • Peyronie’s disease or deformity in the shape of your penis;
  • heart condition including long QT syndrome;
  • hearing problems;
  • blood cell related problem;
  • bleeding problems such as hemophilia;
  • hypotension/hypertension;
  • kidney or liver problem;
  • NAION;
  • stomach ulcers.


You should also let your doctor know if you have ever experience priapism, a seizure or had a heart attack/stroke recently. There might be other health condition which may contribute to adverse side effects or demand immediate medical help.




Interaction with drugsDrug interactions are common. Sometimes, we may be using various drugs to treat certain illnesses or as part of our lifestyle little knowing how dangerous it can contribute to some adverse effects.

There are those drugs that need careful consideration before using it with vardenafil. Medications advised not to be used together (or coadministered) with Levitra include:


  • serotonin antagonists drugs;
  • quinolone antibiotics;
  • abiraterone acetate;
  • all NAION meds;
  • PDE5;
  • nitroglycerin;
  • all nitrate meds;
  • pills for HIV;
  • alpha-blockers meds;
  • rilpivirine medicines;
  • tyrosine kinase inhibitors;
  • meds such as riociguat.


There are various drug interactions you should be aware of. It’s necessary to consult with a doctor and let know all your medications you are using including OTC drugs, prescription meds, recreational drugs, and herbal therapies.




With the quality of our generic ED drugs, our clients leave their honest reviews based on their experience with Levitra. And as a gratitude for their honest testimonial, we reward them with $30 coupon for their next purchase.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. When we offer quality medications at a cheaper price, we make them happy and willing to recommend our online pharmacy store. You too can experience our very cheap male impotence tablets by buying 100 pills of Levitra. If you lack this number of tablets, you can always choose more (200300500 pills) or less (203050 pills).

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See Vardenafil REVIEWS



Online pharmacyThere are various ways to get your ED medications. The best way to buy these tablets is through a highly rated, quality and cheaper online drugstore. A drugstore that fulfills your needs to your satisfaction.

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