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Erectile dysfunction (ED, commonly known as impotence) in males can be treated with Levitra 40 mg, an oral medication. The active component Levitra 40 mg improves vascularity in the penis. When a person is sexually aroused, this aids in getting or keeping an erection. One tablet once every 24 hours is the suggested dosage. This tablet can be taken either before or after meals. It’s recommended to take it between half an hour and an hour before being sexually active. This medication’s effects typically persist for around 5 hours. Get the best price on generic Levitra 40 mg with our exclusive discount and offer code. Our mission at Kamagra pills is to educate you and assist you in acquiring cheap, high-quality generic ED medications.

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How should this medicine be used?

Levitra 40 mg can be taken orally in two different forms: a tablet and a fast dissolving tablet. It is recommended to take it 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, with or without meals. Taking Levitra 40 mg more than once per 24 hours is not recommended. Your doctor may advise you to reduce the frequency of your Levitra 40 mg dose if you have a certain medical condition or are using a specific medicine. If there is anything on the label that you do not understand, be sure to contact your doctor or chemist for clarification. Levitra 40 mg should be taken as prescribed. Do not adjust your dosage or increase or decrease your frequency of administration without consulting your doctor.


Before taking your first dose of the fast-dissolving pill, be sure to read the instructions on the blister pack. If any of the blisters are damaged or missing pills, do not use the medication in the pack. The pill should be taken out of the blister packaging in the prescribed manner. The pill should not be forced through the foil. Take the pill out of the blister pack and put it on your tongue while keeping your mouth closed. It won’t take long for the pill to disintegrate. The fast dissolving pill should not be taken with liquids.


Your doctor will likely prescribe you a starting dose of Levitra 40 mg pills that is in the middle of the recommended range and adjust it upwards or downwards as necessary. Rapidly dissolving pills only come in a single strength, so your doctor won’t be able to tailor your dosage to your specific needs if you choose to take them. Your doctor may recommend the regular pills if you require a different dose. If Levitra 40 mg isn’t helping, or if you notice any negative side effects, be sure to let your doctor know.


Fast-acting Levitra 40 mg tablets are not a suitable replacement for regular Levitra 40 mg pills. If your doctor has prescribed Levitra 40 mg, then you should only take that form. If you are unsure which kind of Levitra 40 mg you were prescribed, see your chemist.


What are the benefits of Levitra over other medications?

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction may be treated medically, and several options exist. As a result, picking the right medication might seem like an insurmountable task at times. It is always wise to check with a doctor before making any decisions on which medication could be best.

Levitra has certain benefits over current therapies for erectile dysfunction. The benefits and efficacy of Levitra are discussed in more detail below.


Duration of action:

Time to peak effect: One hour to 25 minutes is all it takes for Levitra to start working. One other advantage is that a tablet’s effects might be felt for up to five hours after being taken. It should be made perfectly apparent at this time that a human being is not capable of standing perfectly still for that amount of time. After taking medication, you need a sexual stimulant to help you get and stay erection.


Easy to take:

Levitra’s convenience in that it may be used whenever needed is only one of its many advantages. Levitra can be taken up to an hour before the time of desired sexual activity. Levitra is intended for once-a-day use only.

If Levitra is taken after a meal, its effects will kick in right away, but a heavy meal may limit Levitra’s effectiveness and cause a delayed impact. Levitra comes as a tablet that may be placed on the tongue and dissolved in the mouth. The 10mg dosage is available. Levitra does not require a glass of water when taken orally.


Treatment gives effective Results:

Therapy is successful; Levitra has been shown to work for the vast majority of men who use it. Between 68% and 80% of male participants in clinical studies reported positive outcomes. The above-mentioned percentage of men demonstrates enhanced penetration, contingent upon the dosage administered. Although 53–65 percent of males had improved erection stability.


Levitra is safe and effective for men who have medical history including:

Levitra’s availability in a 5mg dosage is a major plus. In comparison to other drugs in its class, its minimal effective dose makes it the most attractive option. In contrast to other medications used to treat erectile dysfunction, it can be provided to people with preexisting health issues.


A Reputable treatment:

Levitra is manufactured by Bayer, a reputable international pharmaceutical business. Clinical studies began in 2003, much before the medicine was approved for sale in Europe. The medicine has been used to treat erectile dysfunction alongside Viagra and Cialis since the day it was released.

Levitra is now a legal option for treating impotence. It also helps increase blood flow by relaxing the muscles around blood vessels.


What potential negative reactions does this drug have?

There might be adverse reactions to Levitra 40 mg. If any of these symptoms are very bothersome or persistent, you should consult your doctor.

  • headache
  • Discomfort caused by acid reflux
  • flushing
  • a blocked or watery nose
  • indicators of influenza


There may be major adverse consequences. Immediately seek medical attention if you suffer any of the following symptoms:

  • lengthier than 4-hour erection
  • significant and unexpected eyesight loss (see below for more information)
  • impaired colour vision hazy vision.
  • dizziness
  • loss of hearing that occurs all of a sudden
  • Hearing loss
  • facial and/or throat/lip/eye/hand/foot/ankle/lower-leg swelling
  • hoarseness
  • symptoms including shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, and a rash

Possible further Levitra 40 mg adverse effects. Any unanticipated side effects from taking this medicine should be reported to your doctor.


There have been reports of individuals losing vision suddenly after using Levitra 40 mg or comparable drugs. In other cases, the eyesight loss was irreversible. The drug may or may not be to blame for the eyesight impairment. Call your doctor right away if you take Levitra 40 mg and suddenly go blind. Unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider, discontinue use of Levitra 40 mg and other ED drugs including sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis).


Several people who took Levitra 40 mg or drugs with comparable effects reported acute hearing loss or impairment. Oftentimes, the hearing loss affected only one ear, and it was permanent. The drug may or may not be to blame for the hearing loss. Call your doctor immediately if you take Levitra 40 mg and have abrupt hearing loss, which may be accompanied by ringing in the ears or dizziness. Until you’ve talked to your doctor, you shouldn’t take any more Levitra 40 mg or related drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis).



Levitra should be kept in an airtight container at room temperature (between 59 and 86 degrees F, or 15 and 30 degrees C) and away from moisture.



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